8 Cool and Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Your mom might have been able to make magic with a few cast-iron skillets and a few ancient aluminum baking pans, but you have many more kitchen tools and gadgets at your disposal nowadays.  From basic devices like digital meat thermometers and electric fryers to stylish wine racks and high-power blenders, there are plenty of kitchen-centric tools to choose from.  Want to get the ones that are both cool and useful?  Here are eight awesome options.

1. Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale – This handy tool can take the mystery out of measurements in more ways than one.  The cup can measure exact amounts in both volume and weigh (these variables can be entered in on a small screen on the handle).  There is even a measurement conversion tool that allows for quick calculations.  This is a useful device for anyone who has trouble with calculating the weight and measurements of different types of solids and liquids.

2. Trendy Egg Cracker and Separator – This device is certainly not one for kitchen purists who like to get their hands dirty.  But for anyone who doesn’t want to get shells in their omelet or doesn’t want sticky hands from cracking eggs over a bowl, this tool is almost indispensable.

3. Presto Deep Fryer – What if you could get those perfectly crispy restaurant french fries without having to actually go to the restaurant.  This mini fryer can provide the same deliciously cooked foods as an industrial strength restaurant fryer.  The adjustable thermostat makes it possible to cook different types of foods with the same batch of oil.

4. Induction burner – This new cooking tool looks like a standard electric hot-plate.  However, it is actually a very energy efficient high tech device that uses magnetic induction to lower energy costs and cooking times, while raising overall control.  Digital controls make it easy to use this powerful, portable cooker.

5. Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller – This awesome utility tool can not only make opening wine bottles easier, it can also make it possible to make sure that your beverage is always served at the correct temperature.  The opener is rechargeable and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

6. Milk Frother – This is one of the simplest tools on this list, but perhaps the one that can save you the most money.  If you love your morning lattes, but think that your Starbuck’s habit is breaking your budget, this is the purchase for you.  A milk frother can easily froth milk, so that the light taste and foam top that you’d get from a coffee shop can be had in your own home before you even step out of the door in the morning.

7. SmartShopper SS-301 Voice-Recognition Grocery-List Organizer – Having a kitchen with high-tech and useful gadgets is awesome, but it means very little if you don’t have the right ingredients to cook your culinary masterpieces.  This handheld device can create a list and then print it out on a receipt-like paper.  The Smart-Shopper’s voice-recognition software makes it possible to create a list while you are shopping without even having to take your hands off the cart

8. Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker – This is another device that can save you money and also give you a chance to have fun making something unusual.  This low-priced gadget makes it easy to create perfect home-made ice cream, frozen yogurt and fruit sorbets.  The ICE-21 comes with instructions on how to make the different desserts, and all the working parts come apart, so they can be cleaned without a lot of hassle.


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