Four Cool Car Accessories That No Driver Can Be Without

The right accessories can transform your car from a mere vehicle into an enjoyable place to spend time.  With a few great car-centered tech products, you can turn any commute into a joyride and take the fear of getting lost out of any road trip.  Some people are lucky enough to find cars that have some amazing accessories already installed.  Some cars offer upgrade packages and premium models that have more factory-installed tools and toys than the basic models.    Even if your vehicle currently does not have the kind of accessories that you want, you can easily add them.  Most tools are easily installed out-of-the-box, and your local garage or electronics superstore will be able to help with the more complex ones.

Here are the most useful (and most fun) accessories for your car:


A GPS device definitely falls into the practical (rather than fun) category.  Many cars now come with navigation systems pre-installed.  If not, there are plenty of premium options available.  Garmin is the main name in the plug-in GPS game.  They offer a variety of devices that can be plugged into your car right out of the box.  The options range from basic devices that can tell you when to turn and exit to state-of-the-art GPS computers that have voice recognition software and can give turn by turn directions complete with street names and detour information.  The interactive capacity of high-end Garmin devices makes them one of the coolest gadgets you could possibly buy for your car.

Rear-seat flat screens

If you have kids, or more specifically, if you have kids and you often take road trips or spend a lot of time in the car, rear-seat entertainment is a necessity.  Some minivans and SUVs come with pre-installed entertainment devices, such as satellite radio and TV/DVD players.  Headrest monitors, which sit in the back of the headrests of the front seats, provide DVD or internet viewing capabilities.  These are the most common form of in-car entertainment.  The best devices will allow you to bring your own entertainment with you as well.  Some even have gaming ports which allow users to connect a game console, tablet or other device to the system so that the game, movie or video can be seen on the headrest screens.

Remote starter

A remote starter is obviously not as glamorous as a GPS system that you can talk to or a flat screen TV that you can hook your Xbox up to, but, if you live in a cold or very warm place, it is by far the most useful accessory that you can have on your car.  You car can already be heated (or cooled) to a comfortable temperature before you even get into it.   Basic remote starter systems will set you back less than $100 and will allow you to start your car by pushing a button on a fob on your keychain.  More advanced remote start systems come with a variety of extras, including backlit LED screens, alarm systems with a fob notification feature, and even remote access to some of the car’s basic climate controls.

Wireless connectivity (bluetooth) systems

As laws change and technology becomes better, having a hands free system in your car for your cell phone can be very useful indeed.  The best bluetooth systems provide clear audio quality and a number of hands-free features such as voice dialing.  Some of these kits come with touchscreen controls that can be placed on the dashboard for easy access and so that the user can view caller ID information without having to look down at their phone.  With a really high-end system, the call quality is so good that the person on the other end of the line wont even realize that they are talking to someone on a hands-free device.


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