Tech Tools That Can Make Your Workplace More Productive

Office technology can be a tricky thing.  Sure, you want the latest gadgets and devices to help yourself and your colleagues be as productive as possible, but too much technology can lead to unnecessary distractions.  There are all sorts of tools and tech devices that can make your time in your office more productive.  Some state of the art office furnishings have nothing to do with computers or connectivity, but can still be invaluable when it comes to keeping you in a comfortable-yet-alert state-of-mind.

Want to find the best devices for your office?  Here are some of the most useful options.

Multi-purpose printers

Any time that you can streamline your office space, it is a positive step.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to get a device that can be wirelessly connected to all the computers in your office and can perform printing, copying, scanning and even faxing tasks.  Even relatively small printers like the HP Photosmart 7510 can be accessed wirelessly and can serve as an all in one service center for your copying, printing (including photo quality prints), and scanning needs.  Yes, usually all you will need is a printer, but it is only a few dollars more to upgrade to a three-in-one (or four-in-one) device, so why not take the extra step and save space and money.

LED lighting

Creating a comfortable and attractive atmosphere in the office is one task than many office managers do not do very well.  Yes, there could be a lot of tech tools on your desk, but the florescent lights and colorless carpet can make your desk seem like a dismal place to spend time.  Having a few, well-placed LED lights around your office can enhance the atmosphere and make it seem like a more pleasant place.  Not only are they more economical, LEDs emit a softer light than regular bulbs without losing much in terms of overall power.  A simple $20 reading light on your desk might help, or a few larger lamps or lighting displays could make the whole room seem more pleasant.

Desktop air purifier

Offices are often not the most pleasant places to sit.  Fresh air is at a premium. Luckily, you can make some of your own with an air purifier.  These devices can sit on a desktop or in the corner and constantly filter air to remove particles that cause bad smells and even allergies.  Some rely on technology to remove these particles without the aid of a fan.  They are completely quiet.  Of course, some workers find that  a little white noise is helpful in an office environment.  In this case, a small fan for drawing in unfiltered air and blowing out fresh air is a good option.  Either way, having the feel of fresh, odorless air can really make an office feel more comfortable.

USB or power-mat charging station of your hand-held devices

It may have happened to you before: you’re heading home from work, waiting for an important call or waiting for an urgent email and your phone battery dies.  Smart-phones are awesome tools, but they can really eat up a battery quickly.  You can make sure that you are always connected by getting a charging station for your desk.  When you are not using your phone or tablet, you can simply plug them in.  USB chargers are a budget-friendly option, with many offering more than one port so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. Powermats, where you can charge devices by simply placing them on a electrified mat, are another option for convenient at-work charging.  These tools will be able to charge your phone or tablet even if you have left your USB cord at home.


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