Merax LOHO Series Office Swivel Mesh Task Chair – $56.99

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Invest in a compact comfortable office chair with the Merax LOHO series. With its specially designed arched back fitted with a specialized X-shape design and breathe able mesh, you can lounge at your desk for hours without discomfort. A large nylon crafted cushion provides the perfect support that will leave you feeling comfortable and supported. With a sturdy 4-prong steel base, this chair has ample support with smooth glide wheels that will easily move with you across flat surfaces. Designed with you in  mind, the LOHO series also features a seat adjuster to cater to your height needs. Let your personality shine through in your office at work or home with your LOHO chair coming in 4 colors; Black, White, Lime and Violet.

Merax LOHO Series Office Swivel Mesh Task Chair

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5 Ways to Use The Merax Wood Kitchen Cart


Merax is on a mission to provide our customers with great quality products that venture outside of electronics, which is now including furniture for all areas of your home. Check out the many uses of our Merax Wood Kitchen Cart to enhance your kitchen experience.

A Place For Your Most Used Items

Oftentimes you may find yourself searching for go-to pot that is used for everything or your favorite mug in the cabinet, only to be overwhelmed by the many other dishes that are also stuffed in the cabinet. There’s your first clue – if your kitchen storage cabinets are stuffed to the point where you cannot easily find what you are looking for within a few seconds, you may need a kitchen cart.

Using the Merax Wood Kitchen cart, you can have it conveniently in a designated corner in your kitchen and it will have all of your most used kitchen items – dishes, knives, cutting boards and the works. You can finish up what you need to do a little bit faster with having your favorite kitchen items all in one place.

For the Kids

If you have children that have a difficult time reaching the items they need on high up shelves, you could purchase a kitchen cart that could be specifically for them – that way you will not have to constantly worry about your child breaking dishes or glasses while looking for something in the cabinet, all of their child-proof plastic dishes and cutlery could be conveniently located and within easy reach for them. Not to mention, it will encourage independence within your children along with their confidence if they are entrusted to get their own plates and put them away at a young age. It could also be an easy way for them to help out in the kitchen – instead of having to maneuver a chair around the kitchen in order to reach the high up counter tops, they can help on their own personal counter .

Extra Space

One of the most well known perks of having a kitchen cart is the extra space it provides your kitchen. The great thing about it is it can be suited towards any situation, whether you need a permanent solution to provide extra counter space, or if you need something a little bit more temporary for kitchen-heavy events such as Thanksgiving. the Superbowl or even a backyard barbecue where every square inch is being used and you need a little more space. As a permanent solution, you can simply designate an area to place your kitchen cart and have it always be of use. For more temporary space issues, The Merax Wood Kitchen cart has convenient wheels located at the base of the cart so it can be easily moved into storage when not needed, and brought out when it can be of use.

A Place for Personal Belongings & Decor

Sometimes you may throw mail on the kitchen counter top, along with perhaps having your phone base there and family photos. If you are a fan of having your actual kitchen counters being completely clean and clutter free, a kitchen cart is probably your best bet. You could easily make these a place for all non-kitchen items so your actual kitchen counters, cabinets and drawers do not get cluttered with junk. And with the included storage cabinets, you can keep it all out of sight. These carts are also a great option if you have a piece of decor you love but would not effectively fit on your counter tops or get in the way such as a vase or your nice dishes.

Cooking Assistance

Whenever you prep for making a home-cooked meal, most of the time you pull out your ingredients one by one and set them all on the counter in a  messy pile. A kitchen cart could come in handy for you to place all of the ingredients you need in one spot within easy reach.


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Wooden Kitchen Cart

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One of the Most Underrated Forms of Exercise: Heavy Bag Boxing


We’ve all seen it in movies and television shows – a dedicated Get Fit or Die Trying character putting in hours at the gym towards their fitness with a few shots of them firing a one punch after another at a heavy looking punching bag. Watching people reach their fitness goals via a punching bag is both impressive and mesmerizing, buy why is it that most individuals opt for safer approaches like the treadmill or standard push-ups?

We definitely aren’t against running, or treadmills for that matter but it is worth mentioning that boxing takes the idea of fitness to the next level and for those who get bored of mundane long winded workouts, taking time out of your day to learn your way around a punching bag may be just the thing for you.

The Benefits

Strength Training. Strength training alone already has an array of benefits, but one of the main unique benefits when using a punching bag to develop your strength is the large range of motion that is provided. Compared to using weight machines or doing free weights, your limbs experience a full range of motion that the listed alternatives can’t provide.

Hand-eye coordination. Working out using a punching bag doesn’t just involve strength, it also takes a decent amount of technique as well. When you find yourself first experimenting with a punching bag, you will find that you need to build up to a certain rhythm in order to have a more enjoyable workout, which involves hitting the bag right when it is coming back to you; if you miss punching at the right time you will throw off the rhythm increasing the chances of you misplacing a punch.

Motivation. Using punching bags is a refreshing way to switch up your workout routine and maintain your motivation and maintain or surpass fitness levels without having it feel like a  mundane chore. Punching bags are also a great stress reliever to let out any pent up frustrations through an engaging workout.

Intensity. Burning an average of 324-518 calories an hour (Wisconsin Department of Health Services), using a punching bag is an intense workout that will reap results whether you are consistently using this method constantly, or using it as a supplement to your general workout as a way to shake things up a little.


How to Start

For some, a large punching bag may be a little intimidating to begin with, especially if you

Merax Adjustable Freestanding Punching Speed Bag

are starting off with heavy boxing gloves. A great starting point is to invest in a speed bag, the lighter, more nimble cousin to a hefty punching bag. If you think you would be better off
starting light, our Merax Adjustable Freestanding Fitness Training Punching Speed Ball Bag With Boxing Gloves might be the perfect fit for you if you want to just get your feet wet.

For those that want to jump right in and commit to a heavy bag workout and don’t know where to start, a great way is to consistently hit the bag lightly until your arms begin to feel sore and tired and you cannot lift them anymore. Starting off hitting lightly is key so you can get a feel for the bag and subsequent movement and begin to develop a solid technique that will prove to be useful when you begin punching at more rapid, harder speeds. Over time slowly build up the strength and speed of the punches to what you think you can personally handle, and then add a few kicks into the mix – before you know it, you’ll be going at your bag like a true pro.

Check out our Merax Punching Bag, complete with indicator numbers so you can know exactly where you are kicking and punching and create an easy to follow routine and track your progress:


Merax Freestanding Fitness Training Punching Heavy Bag

Price: $139.99

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