New Arrivals For Bicycle Accessories – July 2014

July 23, 2014

Check out New Arrivals in Bicycle Gears and Accessories.


Below are some of the latest items:

bike_wall_mount bike_handle_bar bike_light_music bike_luggage_rack bike_mudguard_flap bike_multirepair_tools bike_tire_sticker bike_umbrella_bar

The Best Jansport Backpack for 2014

July 21, 2014

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Back To School Time is NOW!. Many parents and students are researching online to find the best backpack. We have a suggestion for you, check out Jansport Backpack. Jansport has been known for making great backpacks, their products are high quality, durable, and stylish.

When many students are settled with the classic and very popular Jansport Superbreak, there are actually other Jansport models that are stylish and different. Jansport always come up with a new model each year. We have curated all Jansport Backpack Model for 2014 and present you with our top pick for the most stylish Jansport backpack for 2014.

Below is the list for The Most Stylish Jansport Backpack for 2014:

1. Jansport Superbreak – THE CLASSIC

2. Jansport Agave

3. Jansport Boost

4. Jansport Cortlandt

5. Jansport Crossland

6. Jansport Mesh

7. Jansport Odyssey

8. Jansport Sinder 15

9. Jansport Sinder 22

Above are the best Jansport Backpack model for 2014 based on our opinion. You might have other opinion too. So check them out, click here to view all models. Link: Model 2014

The Most Stylish Wearable Technology in 2014

July 18, 2014

Wearable gadgets are the next big thing in the world. 2014 will be a year where most of these wearables will become mainstream. Wearables are relatively a loose term which implies a lot of different types of tech gadgets worn on the human body. Activity bracelets, smart watches and Google glasses are some of the main products listed in this category. Below are some of the best wearables in 2014.

1. Interactive T-Shirts – Interactive T shirts that flashes lights and makes a sound are in the market right now. A few AA batteries will help you to see the equalizer dancing on your chest. The electronic drum kit shirt will include seven spots that generate a sound when you touch them. These shirts are not that expensive since they only have an electronic board which should be removed before hand washing the T-shirt.

2. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses – This glasses are similar to the popular Google glasses. These glasses could be paired with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth. It is packed with GPS, 4GB storage, Wi-Fi and Android 4.0. You can launch apps from the smartphone and watch it in the 800 X 400 pixel screen right in front of your eyes.

3. The Swarovski USB Necklace – This is a good example to illustrate that high technology could be elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The 4GB USB necklace by Swarovski is priced at $75 and available in colors of light rose and violet.

4. The Nike Fuel Band – This band is helpful to track the daily calorie amount burnt while performing your daily exercise routine. A LED bulb will light up and let you know the progress. It can assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The aforementioned are four of the best high tech wearables that are used in 2014.

Discover The Types of Bicycles That Fit Your Riding Purpose

July 16, 2014

In order to make the most out of your cycling experience, you need to choose the right type of bicycle for your requirement. This would mainly depend on the purpose of your riding the bicycle. It could be for recreational purposes, racing purposes, touring purposes or just road riding purposes. This article will highlight the types of bicycles designed for different purposes.


Cruiser Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

1. Recreational riding is when you ride the bicycle just for leisure purposes. Like when you ride the bike on a Sunday afternoon with your kids, friends or grand kids in the park, bike track or city. Any type of cruiser bicycle would do fine here. Even the older bikes that have no gears are great for such kind of riding.


Touring Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

2. Touring is when you undertake long distance riding on your bicycle. These trips can last for 1-2 hours, weeks or even months. You will gave to carry the necessary gear when going on such trips. An expedition bicycle or touring bicycle is the best equipment for this type of riding. These bicycles are built with robust and repairable steel. These bikes are more upright in position since comfort has to be of top notch than speed in these bicycles.


Race Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

3. Racing bikes are built for speed and performance over all other qualities. These bikes have gears to adjust the speed of the bike according to the terrain. These bikes are made of carbon fiber which is formed into an aerofoil shape. This will help to reduce drag on the bicycle and improve performance. Aerodynamic wheels are used in these bikes to enhance the speed and performance while racing.


Road Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

4. Road bikes are equipped with thin tires and a fine frame. These bikes are lightweight and are designed for speed. Road bikes are available in various colors.

mountain bikes

Mountain Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

5. Mountain bikes are build for tough terrain. The frames are build for impacts, so they are stronger and harder. These bikes are usually equipped with suspensions and disc brake for highest performance.

The above information will help you to discover the types of bicycles available in the market. It will assist in making an informed decision when buying a bicycle.

If you need any accessories for your bicycle, please visit Bicycle and Biking Accessories section. Click here!


How To Use Your GoPro Camera for Making a Viral Video

July 14, 2014

GoPro cameras are perfect for a lot of situations. They allow daring people to attach it to their equipment while doing sports like paragliding, surfing, snowboarding, skiing or diving. The result is an amazing footage that can be used to create stunning videos.

The most interesting use of a GoPro camera is to attach it on a stick, then throw it around while filming. Have some friends with you when you do this, as the result is even more interesting if you have some people in the movie. Choose a location with some good landscape such as grass, flowers, trees or even the seaside. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various moves, as you are going to edit your movie anyway and cut out everything that doesn’t look captivating.

The most interesting thing about this way of shooting is the perspective. Since the camera is attached to the stick, this will appear fixed in all frames and sequences, while everything around it whirls and twirls in a craziness that can cause dizziness to the viewers.

It’s also a good idea to run while holding the stick with the GoPro camera upside down and dragging it through the grass. Your children will be happy to watch and see the world from the perspective of a bug. You could add a cool voice offer and some music and sound effects to your movie, for an even higher potential of becoming viral. Upload it on your YouTube channel, promote it through social media and email it to all your friends. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to prove your creativity and for others to entertain themselves or even to try making their own GoPro movies by attaching their cameras on other things in motion such as bicycle wheels or hula hoops.

If you have a GoPro camera, check out our GoPro Accessories Section to find the latest GoPro camera gear! Click here!

The Proper Way To Recycle Your Used Ink Cartridges

July 9, 2014

Most people simply throw away their ink cartridges when they are through with them.  It is better to recycle ink cartridges because they can have a detrimental effect on the environment.  Manufacturing ink cartridges requires energy which results in more carbon emissions.  Throwing away ink cartridges also cause our landfills to fill up more quickly because it takes hundreds of years for ink cartridges to decompose.  Recycling is a lot easier and more cost effective than many people realize.


Old Ink Cartridges

Recycling Old Ink Cartridge is Easier Than Ever

People who do not recycle their old ink cartridges have many excuses for doing so.  Some think that it would be too time consuming while others think it is expensive to recycle ink cartridges. Then there are those who just do not care about the environment. Recycle is neither time consuming or expensive so make a commitment to start recycling today.

Take It To An Office Supply Store

The easiest and most convenient way to recycle your old ink cartridges is to take them to an office supply store.  Most of these stores will take your ink cartridges for free.  Set aside your ink cartridges that need to be recycled by placing them in a plastic bag which will prevent any ink that leaks out from making a mess.  There is no need to make a special trip to the office supply store which will waste gasoline.  Save your ink cartridges until the next time you are going to the office supply store, then simply drop them off.

Recycle Programs:

Take It To A Charity Office

Many charities will take your old ink cartridges that need to be recycled.  This is a great way to recycle your old ink cartridges because the charities will sell them to raise money and you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxes.  If there are no charities near you that accept donations of old ink cartridges, you can mail them to a charity that does accept them.

Check out this Recycling Locator:

Sell It To An Ink Recycling Company

You can also make some extra money selling your used ink cartridges.  Many companies that buy ink cartridges require you sell them a minimum amount, such as 10 or more.  You can save them until you have the minimum amount, or you could ask your friends and neighbors to join you so can reach the needed amount of cartridges.  The amount of money you will receive varies depending on the type of cartridges you have.

These are some of the Recycling Companies:



Green Recycle

Send It Back To The Manufacturer

Many printer manufacturers offer rebates for returning your used ink cartridges.  The manufacturer will recycle your old ink cartridge, sometimes in their own manufacturing facility.  This is a great option because it cuts out the middle man which results in using less energy to recycle your ink cartridges. You will usually receive a rebate of somewhere between five and twenty percent off the cost of a new ink cartridge.

Manufacturer Ink Cartridge Recycle Programs:

Go Green! Let’s Recycle, Let’s Save The Earth!

It makes no sense to throw away used ink cartridges because it is easy and economical to do so.  You can drop them off at your office supply store or donate them to charity.  You can return them to the manufacturer for a rebate or even sell them for cash.  Choose the best method for you and start recycling today.

New Arrivals: GoPro Camera Accessories

July 7, 2014

Check out our latest arrivals, GoPro Camera Accessories.

We have camera case, body mount, bike mount, chargers, and more.

Check it our here: GoPro Camera Accessories

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