Best Ideas for Pet’s Halloween Costume 2014

October 20, 2014

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be thinking about how you are going to dress up for this festive holiday. You might want to choose something traditional such as a witch, goblin, zombie or perhaps a warlock, a costume that you can easily purchase at your local store. However, have you ever thought about dressing up your favorite animal, the pet that lives in your home? Wouldn’t it be fun to get them into a costume, something that would definitely catch the attention of people walking by. Here are some of the best ideas for dressing your pet up in a Halloween costume in 2014.

A Well Known Person or Celebrity

One of the cutest costumes that you can use on your dog, especially if it is smaller like a pug or a wiener dog, is to dress them up like a celebrity or well known person. This works especially well with smaller dogs with longer bodies so that you can add on a tuxedo, a top hat, and a long beard. This is even better when you are able to carry them around, holding them up for everyone to see. A celebrity costume is a great idea for people to dress up as, but even better when you do this for your pet.

Choosing A Different Animal

If you have a pet dog at your home, you might want to consider dressing them up as a cat. If you have a cat, you might want to dress them up as a parakeet. Dressing up your animal as a different animal will definitely cause people to look twice, depending upon the size of the animal. If you have a mastiff, one of the largest dogs in the world, dressing them up as a bunny will definitely cause heads to turn. It’s an innovative idea that many people will definitely remember when they see the costume that your pet has on.

Multicolored Costumes

Regardless of the size of your pet, if you are able to dress your favorite animal in a multitude of different colors, especially bright silver or gold, they will stand out in the crowd, no matter what their costume is, because it will be so bright and loud. Many people will choose a traditional witch costume, or perhaps a ghoul or a ghost. By adding multiple colors in a patchwork display, not only will people notice your animal, but if he gets away, you will certainly be able to find them.

Halloween is a fun occasion for adults and children alike. You can really change things up by bringing your favorite animal with you dressed in their own Halloween costume. No matter what costume you choose to dress them up in, it’s always very cute to behold. Even if you decide to get a costume that you order over the Internet, or one at your local store, try to make it as different as possible so that you have something completely original. Just be sure to use your imagination, and you will be able to create something completely new and innovative that people will remember for years to come. has a huge selection of Pet Costume For Halloween, check them out now! Click here!

How You Can Prevent Getting Infected By Ebola Virus

October 17, 2014

It is important to know that there are no vaccines available to protect a person from Ebola. That said, if you’re one of the many traveling to and from infected areas you’ll want to ensure that you are taking the proper precautions to prevent an Ebola infection.

Wash Hands Frequently

It is important to wash your hands and use an alcohol based hand sanitizer after any contact with blood or body fluids.

Avoid Handling Used Items

Avoid handling anything that has come into contact with blood or bodily fluids including clothing, needles, bedding etc.


Avoid contact with animals such as bats or primates that have blood or bodily fluids dripping or exposed. It is also to avoid raw meat from these same animals.


Stay away from hospitals where Ebola patients are currently in residence. If abroad ask the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to give you information on where you should go.

Watch For Symptoms

After travel to foreign countries where Ebola outbreaks are, watch your health for the next 3 weeks or 21 days. If you do become ill, seek prompt medical attention and let the doctor know you were out of the country recently and could have been exposed to Ebola.

Health Care Employees

For anyone who must come into contact with Ebola patients, wear protective clothes. Wear a mask and gloves and eye protection as well.

Always use proper methods for infection control.

Patients who have Ebola must be isolated from the rest of the hospital setting.

Do not touch or otherwise have any contact with those who have died of Ebola.

Ebola can enter your body via broken skin, the nose, the mouth or even the eyes wear protective covering when dealing with any medical incident. Prevention is the best measure to combat Ebola. Always be aware of surroundings and how any patient or medical situation is being conducted.

The Best All in One Printers of 2014

October 15, 2014

Getting the right printer for your situation can sometimes be very difficult. Not only that, there are simply so many printers to choose from in the market that choosing the right printer can be very difficult. Making sure that you have the right printer is pivotal in ensuring that you will be able to remain productive around the house and at the office. The printer is basically an essential tool that we need for almost everything, so it’s important to know which ones are good. This article will review the best all in one printers of 2014.

1. Canon Pixma MX372


One of the most popular all in one printers is the Canon Pixma MX372. This is because the MX372 is one of the most affordable all in one printers on the market right now. Canon has been known to provide really affordable products in the various electronics that they distribute. The Pixma is perhaps one of the most popular printer on the market right, with millions upon millions of the printer being sold each and every year.

The Canon Pixma MX372 is definitely a great all in one printer to own for these reasons. You won’t find a printer that is as affordable as the Canon Pixma MX372. Hence, this makes the printer a great option for anyone who is looking for a printer with all of the features that all in one printers have, without the heft price tag. It’s pretty much agreed that the Canon Pixma MX372 is one of the best all in one printers of 2014 for personal and non-business use.

2. Lexmark Interact S605


Another renowned all in one printer is the Lexmark Interact S605 which features lots of innovative technology. The Interact S605 is a great printer which brings forth great value for money while displaying great innovative features. There Lexmark Interact S605 is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years as more and more men and women realize the potential of the latest technological advances. It’s known that the Lexmark Interact S605 is one of the most technically advanced printers available in 2014.

The Lexmark Interact S605 utilizes truly amazing wireless technology which means that you are able to go ahead and get all of your printing needs done without having to get involved with tangling cords and all that fuss. Having a clean and organized office is definitely a top priority for any business, that’s why Lexmark Interact S605 is such a great printer for offices. You will be able to get great quality printing, faxing and copying services from the Lexmark Interact S605 without having to turn your office into a jungle!

3. HP Deskjet 3050A


An up and coming all in one printer of recent years is the HP Deskjet 3050A. If you haven’t heard already, the HP Deskjet 3050A has been selling like hot cakes because it utilizes many of the latest technologies that we have available today. Not only that, the HP Deskjet 3050A features one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs out of the entire all in one printer range. Many people forget the impact the physical looks of an object has on people. The HP Deskjet 3050A looks tremendously beautiful and exudes an image of class and control.

The HP Deskjet 3050A also significantly increases productivity in the office as it utilizes cloud printing technology. This is a big plus for many tech companies that are already quite up to date with the latest technologies. Cloud printing technology allows for better, faster printing which could not have been done in the past. The HP Deskjet 3050A is truly a beautiful printer which allows those of us that like to utilize the latest technologies to print and copy to our advantage.

All of the all in one printers in this article are definitely the best all in one printers of 2014. 2014 has been a very big year for the release of printers, and the ones listed here are the ones that have been seen as the best releases this year. Each and every one of these printers will have a use for anyone, whatever their purpose may be. Whether it be for personal use or for corporate offices, you should definitely take note of these amazing printers.

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How To Reset Ink Cartridges To Cut Costs

October 13, 2014

There are several companies which promise to save money by refilling or resetting printer ink cartridges instead of replacing them. These companies may even provide instructions on how to do it yourself. It is not hard and the cost is significantly less than buying a new cartridge.

A few of the companies which sell new ink cartridges say that refilling printer ink cartridges does not work. Of course, these companies have a vested interest in selling new cartridges, so they may have a reason for finding reasons for this method to not work.


By eFilm (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

When looking more closely into the process, there are some issues with refilling printer ink cartridges. One important factor is that the quality of the print job may change the more the ink cartridge is refilled. This is caused by changes in the nozzles or print heads on the cartridges.

Once a printer ink cartridge is empty and the ink completely gone, the quality of these nozzles or print heads change. They may not print as well or quite the same as they did during the first print run. This, however may be an acceptable cost to consumers considering the savings realized when refilling a printer ink cartridge.

Ink cartridges contain a great deal of technology. From the physics that deal with how the ink flows through the print heads, how the foam degrades and gets filmy, to the technical aspects of the print heads, about a third of refilled ink cartridges fail.

It is also possible to replace just certain the parts of the ink cartridge such as the print heads. This, too is a way to save money, although there foam, ink flow, and other issues may still remain.

Most of the technology within a printer lies in the print cartridge. This is where the print nozzles fire at very small drops, ranging between four and six picoliters.

There is also a limit to how many times a print cartridge may be refilled. After one, or possibly two time, the cartridge may not work at all. Once a cartridge is completely dead, some will go to a landfill while others may be recycled into new cartridges.

When a printer cartridge is recycled, they are returned to the manufacturing facility, then sorted by machine and either taken apart or shredded. If they are shredded, the pieces are mixed with other additives and resins to create new cartridges. Recycling print cartridges this way helps ensure few end up in landfills.

How It Works

It is possible to buy inkjet kits online or from local discount stores. The kits contain blunt needled syringes, ink, and instructions for refilling the cartridge. They come in black and color. Color kits typically contain three ink bottles: red, yellow, and blue. The red may look more like orange, but will be red when printed or mixed to create other colors.

The next step is to remove the printer ink cartridge from the printer. Each model may differ slightly, but the basic instructions will remain the same. There may be two cartridges, one in color and one in black.

Now gently pull the label back and look for the refill holes. These are generally located on top of a cartridge under the label. The label may have to be completely removed.

Place the cartridge on a non-porous surface so any spilled ink will not soak in. It is recommended to use latex gloves before accomplishing the next steps.

Open the cartridge and determine which inks are inside and need to be refilled. Using the ink refill that matches the ink in the cartridge, insert it into the correct hole and gently squeeze. Once the colors are all refilled, replace the label, ensuring it is tight so the ink does not evaporate.

Place the cartridge back into the printer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
So, is it worth it to refill an ink cartridge even if the print quality may not be as good or the cartridge may fail completely? Most consumers believe it is, especially considering the reduced cost and impact on the environment.

Even with the benefits, refilling printer ink cartridges is still considered a controversy by some. One large manufacturer of printers and printer cartridges, devotes several pages on its company website to anti-refill arguments. Given the high cost of new cartridges as compared to refilled or remanufactured cartridges, chances are this controversy may continue.

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How To Refill An Ink Cartridge Correctly

October 10, 2014

A printer is an essential piece of kit for many people, especially if they work from home. However, the running costs can also be among the most expensive as the cost of replacing ink cartridges can be astronomical. Fortunately there is a cheaper solution; refilling your own ink cartridges.

Re-using ink cartridges can save you hundreds of dollars in the long term, but you need to know how to do it correctly. Here is our step by step guide.

1. The most efficient way to refill a cartridge is to use a dedicated ink refill kit. This will make the process much quicker and easier, and there will be less chance of a mishap. Ink refill kits are often cheapest if you by them online.

2. It is always prudent to protect the area you will be working in, in case of spillages. Make sure that you have a clear work surface and plenty of rags or paper towels to hand. You should also put on a pair of plastic gloves to prevent the ink from staining your skin. Most refill kits come with gloves included, but you can also buy them in bulk for just a few dollars.

3. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, remove the cartridge from the printer. Place this on your protected surface so that you can catch any drops of ink.

4. Although the process for refilling an ink cartridge are fairly generic, you should carefully read through the instructions which came with kit. This will make it less likely that you will make any mistakes.

5. The holes for refilling the ink will be located on top of the cartridge. How easy these holes are to find will depend on the manufacturer, (some are clearly visible while others may need you to run your finger over the cartridge to locate the depression).

6. Use a sharp implement to pierce the holes so that the ink can be injected into the reservoir. You can use the tool which is provided in the refill kit or use a household item such as a toothpick.

7. It is very important that you know which color needs to be put in which cartridge. Often this will be clearly marked, but sometimes manufacturers make it impossible to tell. If it is not immediately obvious which cartridge you are refilling, use the tool from step six but push it a little deeper into the empty cartridge. It should emerge with a little ink on it.

8. Fill the needle from the correct refill bottle and push it through the hole into the cartridge (you will feel it pushing through the foam which blocks the hole before you enter the reservoir). You should use a slow, careful push to inject the ink into the cartridge as air pockets will interfere with the printing quality.

9. You need to be very vigilant and ensure that you do not overfill your cartridge. If you notice that a little ink is spilling from the top of the cartridge, suck a little bit of the ink back through the needle before you remove it.

10. Take a sheet of paper towel and carefully blot the top of the cartridge, where you have just filled the holes. A little leakage is normal after refilling so it best to clean up the cartridge contacts, rather than allowing excess ink to blight the first few print jobs.

11. The majority of cartridge refill kits come with small, sticky seals for blocking up the holes. You could also use a tiny piece of scotch tape as an alternative.

12. Every printer contains four colors; magenta, cyan, yellow and black. You should repeat steps one to eleven for every empty cartridge. The most important step to adhere to is step seven, as cross contamination of colors will mean that documents do not print correctly.

13. Once each cartridge has been refilled, carefully blot them with a paper towel until there is no bleeding. Replace them in the printer in the correct position.

Refilling ink cartridges may be a little trickier than using a brand new cartridge, but it is still straightforward if you use a good kit. It is a great way to save money.

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Best Ideas For Homemade Halloween Costumes In 2014

October 8, 2014

Every October, many people get excited about dressing up for Halloween. Many people believe that this is a festive occasion that is typically limited to children, but that is not the case anymore. Whether you are planning for an office party where you can dress up with your coworkers, or you would like to go to a get-together in town to have fun with friends and family, Halloween is one of the most popular events of the year, allowing both adults and children to dress up in their favorite costumes and simply have fun. Here are some of the best ideas for homemade Halloween costumes in 2014 that you might want to consider.


By Team at via Wikimedia Commons

Wicked Teddy Bear

This is a costume that is probably limited to adults, although children could modify it accordingly. Wicked teddy bear is a costume that you can throw together with your favorite skimpy outfit, using only one half of the teddy bear’s face. Catering to our nation’s obsession with zombies, this is one way that you can release your inner Walking Dead. By placing half of a teddy bear on one half of your face, and adding fangs and blood to the teddy bear, plus blackening out its eye, you can have a very disturbing costume that is both cute and horrifying. All you need is a regular sultry outfit, and a teddy bear that is disposable. This is something that might cost several hundred dollars if you were to buy it at a store, or on the Internet, but you can make it for just a few dollars in the comfort of your home.

Miley Mummy Cyrus

Most of us have seen the antics of Miley Cyrus, one of the more popular pop stars in the world today. She is known for her twerking, and also that terrible tongue that seems to never be in her mouth. We are all familiar with what mummies look like, and how easy that type of costume is to create. You could make a combination Miley Cyrus and mummy costume by doing the following things. If you have a skimpy leotard that you can wear, with or without a tail, and you can put your hair up, with two separate buns in the front, you are halfway there. If you happen to have another teddy bear lying around, and an old sheet or two, and all you have to do is cut the sheet into strips, wrapping your arms and legs with the strips of cloth, and then walk around with your teddy bear and tongue hanging out. The most difficult part of the entire outfit would be keeping your tongue out as long as Miley, but even if you don’t, the leotard teddy bear mummy outfit Miley Cyrus style will definitely get several looks.

Your ability to create a homemade Halloween costume is essentially limited only to your imagination. Many people have extra bed sheets, teddy bears, and skimpy outfits lying around the house, all of which can be used for a Halloween costume. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on one that you find on the Internet, or perhaps far less if shopping on eBay, you can spend a few dollars, or no money at all, and end up with a completely unique Halloween costume to wear in 2014.

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The Best Printer Brands of 2014

October 6, 2014

When it comes to being productive in the modern world, having an effective and high quality printer is essential. However, there are many Americans that are using low quality and faulty printers and running into lots of trouble throughout the years. There seems to be a lot of confusion of what makes a good printer good these days. In addition, many people seem to not know of the greatest printer brands on the market right now. No need to fear though, this article will go through the truly greatest printer brands of 2014.

1. Hewlett Packard (HP)hp-logo-jpgHP is one of the most respected and trusted technology companies in the world right now. HP has been around for decades upon decades. Throughout all of these years, HP has been able to continue to impress the entire world with their innovation and high quality products. The fact of the matter is HP has been around for such a long time and has continued to provide excellence for all of these years. Can you think of any other company that has such a great track as HP? Thought so.

The arsenal of printers that HP puts out has been utilized by millions of men and women across the world. HP has a printer for each and every need. Whether you’re looking for a basic and reliable printer for your house, or looking for a top quality all in one printer for your office, HP has got you covered. The excellence that HP provides simply does not emanate from one of their products. No, HP has been able to provide a great product across their entire vast range of printers.

There are millions of loyal HP customers throughout the world. Loyalty is something that is hardly gained these days. This is because in the tech world, there is so much competition between companies that it is very hard for a company to have a loyal customer base. With that in mind, HP has been able to have a significantly large loyal customer base for decades. You simply do not get such a great customer base without being one of the best printer brands not only of 2014, but of all time.



Another one of the greatest printer brands of all time has to be Epson. If you didn’t know already, Epson has been around for just as long as HP and has also provided a service and product that has been of the highest quality for all of the years that they have been in business. With this in mind, it’s hard to see which brand is the better one. This is because both Epson and HP are simply incredible brands that have had such a long lasting history that has been full of positivity.

Epson is one of the leading printer brands of 2014 as it provides some of the best all in one printers on the market right now. The men and women at Epson really do know their stuff when it comes to designing and producing a printer that will work well in the office. Epson makes sure that their all in one printers are vigorously tested to ensure that when they are in a real life office environment that they will continue to work for many years to come.

One of the stand-out factors about Epson is the fact that they place a large amount of effort on making their printers reliable. Epson try and make their printers as reliable as possible, because we all know how annoying and frustrating a broken printer can be. When you purchase an Epson  printer you can be well assured that the printer won’t break on you when you need it the most. This is why so many people choose Epson  when they are choosing a printer, because they want the reliability that Epson  provide. Epson  is definitely one of the greatest printer brands of 2014.

These two brands have garnered a very noble and respected history in past decades. It’s without a doubt that these two printer brands provide some of the greatest printers on the market to this day. That’s why both Epson and HP are simply the best printer brands of all of 2014.

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