What is Counterfeit Printer Ink Cartridges?

September 15, 2014

With the markets today filled with counterfeit goods, printer manufacturers are forced to work harder to stop the menace, especially in the production and sale of counterfeit toner and ink printer cartridges. The major question here is what are counterfeit cartridges? Does a remanufactured cartridge qualify to be termed as counterfeit?  Discussed below are a few questions and answers regarding counterfeit printer cartridges.

HP Original Ink Cartridges

HP Original Ink Cartridges

What makes a printer cartridge counterfeit?

Any cartridge that has been remade, refilled or remanufactured by a third party qualifies to be termed as counterfeit. Most of the fake cartridges have the same design and packaging. They are also branded in the same way as the original. This makes it very hard to distinguish between a counterfeit cartridge and an original one.

Are compatible or remanufactured cartridges fake?

A compatible cartridge is not counterfeit. This is because it is not packaged and sold in the same way as an original cartridge is.  Unlike counterfeit goods that imitate the same design and logos from original ones, a compatible toner or cartridge will come bearing a different name, but indicate what it is compatible with, and how.

Is it risky to use counterfeit cartridges?

Yes, counterfeit toners and ink pose many threats to both you and the printer. To begin with, the ink quality is not the same, and is under most instances of very low quality. In addition to this, counterfeit cartridges can damage your printer especially if it short-circuits the board, or if ink leaks into the system components. Worse still, using a counterfeit cartridge on an originally new HP printer voids its warranty.

The same cannot be said about cartridges that are compatible with your printer model. Compatible cartridges do not void your service guarantee or warranty. Almost all companies that remanufacture cartridges work very hard to ensure the cartridge used functions the same was as its original, and that prints are in the same quality. The remanufactured cartridges are meticulously tested and cleaned before they can be shipped to ink stores and retailers.

Counterfeit cartridge, what next?

If you bought a cartridge only to realize it is an imitation and not genuine, then make a point of reporting the case to the printer manufacturer. All printer manufacturers have an always-available customer support ready to help those with such claims. These companies have even gone a step farther to produce smart QR codes that come embedded on the packaging box for authentication purposes.  Use these to check whether the QR code is genuine and approved by the printer manufacture before making the purchase.

Saving Money By Printing In Only Black And White

September 12, 2014

Everyone knows that printer ink cartridges are some of the most expensive things around. That’s why Meritline.com is always attempting to find new and more cost effective ways to save you money on ink and toner cartridges.

What is one of the best ways to save money with a printer? Set it to only print in black and white!


A. How To Set Your PC Printer To Only Print In Black And White

1. Go to your “Start” menu. Click on “Control Panel.”

2. In your control panel, click on “View Devices And Printers.” Not only will this bring up your connected printers, but also other devices connected to your computer.

3. Right click on the name of your printer (i.e. Samsung CLX 3305) and select the “Printing Preferences.”

4. You should see a bunch of different options depending on the device. But in the row of buttons at the top, find the labels “Color” and “Quality.” (Or just one of those.)

5. Select “Print In Black And White” or “Grayscale.”

6. Make sure you pick “Apply”. Now your printer will print in only black and white!

B. How To Set Your Apple Printer To Only Print In Black And White

1. Select something to print. This will bring up the Print sheet.

2. Find “Copies and Pages” and select it.

3. As with the PC version, look for the “Colors” or “Quality” options.

4. Select “Print In Black And White” or “Grayscale.”

5. Now that you have these settings, you need to make sure you save them so your printer will remember the preference.

6. Select “Save As” from your “Presets” menu and name your preferences. Something like “Black And White” will work.

7. Select Print. Now your printer will automatically default to printing in black and white.

8. If you’re not sure it’s stuck, be sure to check on it under the settings before you print something. Select “Printer Settings” every time you print until you’re sure that it’s stuck and will always print in black and white.

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How To Bypass The Low Ink Warning On Your Inkjet Printer

September 10, 2014

There is nothing more annoying than a low ink warning on your inkjet printer. Just imagine the stress you may undergo when that dialog box or little flashing light keeps on popping up when you are in a hurry to take a printout. Sometimes, it happens even when you have installed a brand new ink cartridge which is quite full. This is the time you may seriously feel like causing harm to your printer.

Low ink Warning

Generic Low Ink Warning

First things first, you need to know about the ink levels in your ink cartridge. There are two main methods that a printer will use to gauge the ink levels in a cartridge. They are through a light or a chip. The light will work only if the ink cartridge is clear such as the Canon PGI-450XL. The printer will shine a laser light through the cartridge and read the level of ink in the tank physically. But this is not possible for all cartridges and the chip will come in handy in situations like this. The chip is actually preloaded with a set amount of pages that the cartridge can print. This is based on the standardized page yield tests. When the cartridge has already printed about 75% of the estimated pages, the chip will tell the printer to inform you that the cartridge is almost out of ink.

The problem is with most of the re-manufactured cartridges such as the HP 56 ink and the Canon PG-512 ink. The chips in these cartridges cannot be reset and you will occasionally get a low ink warning even if the ink cartridge is full. These warnings can be bypassed quite easily. Most cases would only require you to replace the ink cartridge as soon as the print quality begins to fade.

1. Brother Ink Cartridges

Once the low ink warning appears, remove the ink cartridge from the printer carefully and re-install it slowly. If the message still appears, remove the cartridge carefully and close the cover. Power off the printer, unplug the printer and leave it off for at least two minutes.

Then, re-install the cartridge by turning the printer on. You will not experience low ink warnings with Brother ink cartridges since there would be a small clear window near the bottom of the cartridge. This will allow the printer to accurately read the ink levels.

2. Canon Ink Cartridges

Once the low ink warning appears, you need to press and hold the RESET/STOP or RESUME button. This should be done for at least 10-seconds. This button will flash with an orange light whenever the warning pops up. Hence you will be able to find it quite easily.

If you get a warning on your LCD or computer screen, pressing OK will allow you to continue with your printing. This will have to be done every time you print.

If you disable all warnings in order to stop the low ink message warning, it will disable all notifications too. Even messages about paper jams and paper supply will be disabled. The scan function in some of the MFC models could be disabled. So this is not recommended.

3. HP Ink Cartridges

Once the low ink warning starts to appear, you need to click OK and disable the message. Some printers will give you the option to stop the message and not have it pop up again. This is done by clicking the box next to the message which says “do not show this warning again”. Some rare cases will make you click OK every time you will need to print something.

If you disable all warnings to stop the low ink message showing up, it will disable all notifications. You will not get any messages about paper jam, paper supply etc. It can also disable the scan function in some of the all-in-one printers. That is why we don’t recommend this action.

WARNING: Running a cartridge until it is empty will damage the print head of it. This is true for ink cartridges with a separate print head such as the HP 920XL or HP 940XL.

4. Epson Ink Cartridges

Whenever the low ink reminder screen appears, you can choose to not display this screen. Access the printer driver on your computer. For windows, you need to click on Devices and Printers while for MAC, you need to click on Page Setup and then Print. Now click on the Maintenance Tab, Speed & Progress and then Monitoring Preferences. Clear the Enable Low Ink Reminder check box.

WARNING: Epson print heads are extremely sensitive. Hence as soon as the printer gives you a Cartridge Empty Warning, you need to replace the ink cartridge. Running Epson cartridges until they are empty could damage the print head.

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Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge, Which Is Which?

September 8, 2014

If you do shop for toner cartridges a lot, then you might have noticed that that there are printers that can use drum units. Some printers can even use both the cartridge and a drum unit. This makes most people wonder on whether to try a drum unit or just continue using its original cartridge.

1. Toner cartridges: Definition

A toner cartridge is a simple equipment that contains toner power needed for printing purposes. Most of these toner cartridges have an inbuilt drum unit assembled as one component. A good example of such cartridges is the HP 12A black toner. Alternatively, simpler printers such as the Samsung 406 require both the toner and drum separately. This is to say that, the printer will not print if any of the two is missing, meaning you have to purchase and install each separately.

2. Drum Units: Definition

A drum unit is the main printing component in a printer. The unit is made of a corona wire and a photo photosensitive drum. The drum works with the help of a laser light, which writes whatever needs to be printed on the photosensitive drum. With the laser light altering electric charge on the drum, visible printouts appear on the printed material. The drum requires some heat and pressure to print on a paper, and has to roll over for a continuous print. Shown below is an image of a drum unit.

Should you need a drum unity and a toner cartridge, you will then have to buy the two components separately. The drum unit has to be installed inside the printer, while the cartridge is slotted in the drum unit.

Why are toner cartridges and drum units sold separately?

One of the reasons why toner cartridges are sold separately is because they contain a limited amount of toner powder. This powder can only print a specified number of pages, after which it is depleted triggering a replacement. The drum unit however lasts much longer than the cartridge. A single drum unit can last 4-5 times a toner cartridge will. The DR-2255 (a drum unit) can print out more than 12000 pages while its brother, the TN-2060 (toner cartridge) can only print about 1200 pages.

If both the toner and drum unit were to be replaced at the same time, then one of the components would be underused. This would be extravagance and waste of money and resources.

Which do you need to buy, and when?

Printers are designed in a smart way such that, they will notify you whenever one of the components needs to be replaced. Although some older versions may not have this capability, you can check the printers performance and troubleshoot problems as the happen. For instance, faded prints indicate that the toner is too low on ink powder. If the prints are visible but there are blank spaces in between prints, then the drum unit has worn out and needs immediate replacement.

Alternatively, you can check the printer’s manual to determine what part you have to buy, and when. The manual outlines what is needed for the printer to work, and recommendations of the same. Printers that use OKI, Xerox and All Brother toners require cartridges and drum units replaced individually. Other makes such as HP, Canon and Lexmark Toners come with the drum units installed as one component.

We hope this will clarify any confusion about Ink Toner and Ink Drum.

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Using Your Brother Toner Printer – How To Reset The “Toner Life End” Message

September 5, 2014

If you have just replaced the toner cartridge in your Brother printer, and a “replace toner” or “toner low” warning message still keeps coming up, take heart – there is a solution! You may have tried everything, including taking the toner cartridge out, checking all is working correctly and that all the packaging has been removed. You may have switched your printer off and back on again, but the message hasn’t budged. You may even have tried shaking the cartridge from side to side – just in case! The user manual isn’t much help in this situation, and the main problem is that, even though you know the printer has a brand new toner cartridge, the printer refuses to print!


About Brother Toner Cartridges

You can relax now, help is here! The truth is that most Brother toner printers need to be told that the toner cartridge has been replaced. This means manually resetting the counter, and fortunately this is an easy thing to do. We’ve created a handy list of Brother toner printers, and the steps to reset the toner count in each of them.

Resetting the “Toner Life End” or “Replace Toner” message on the Brother HL monochrome (black and white) printer:

  1. Open the front cover, and keep it open while you take the following steps.
  2. Switch off the printer.
  3. Hold down the “Start” or “Go” button while turning on the printer. All of the panel lights should now be on.
  4. Release the “Start” or “Go” button.
  5. Now, press the “Start” or “Go” button twice.
  6. Wait for a moment. The panel lights should all be on again.
  7. Now, press the “Start” or “Go” button five times. At this point, the toner light should be off, although the “error” may be flashing. The paper light should be on or at least flashing at this point.
  8. You are ready to close the cover, and the “Ready” light should be the only light that is now on.
  9. Resetting the “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” warning message on the Brother MFC monochrome (black and white) printer:
  10. Open the door, and then press the Clear/Back key.
  11. Now press *00
  12. Next, press “OK”.
  13. When the drum replacement menu comes up, don’t choose anything for drum replacement, instead press * and then 00, and then “OK”.


Resetting The “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” warning message on the Brother DCP, MFC and HL colour printer:

  1. Open the toner access door while the printer is switched on. You will see the “Cover is Open” message on the LCD screen of your printer.
  2. Bring up the “Reset Menu” by pressing the “Clear/Back” button.
  3. Once you are in the Reset Menu, scroll through the reset options for the printer’s toner cartridges. You will be given rest options for all four of the colours: BK; C; Y; and M. If you have a printer that takes standard yield and high yield cartridges, you will see an option to reset either one of these.
  4. Once you have selected the correct colour and size of the toner cartridge, press “OK”.
  5. Each cartridge needs to be reset individually. To reset, press “1”.
  6. Now press “Clear/Back” to exit the menu, and finally, close the door.

You’re ready to go!

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What Your Kids Need To Start School

August 29, 2014

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time for parents and children, but there many things you need to get done before you can send your kids to their first day. Back-to-school shopping is an annual ritual for many families, and taking the time to plan ahead can make this task a much more pleasant one. Be sure that your kids have all the supplies they need before they start a new year.


Jansport Agave

Many schools will send out lists of supplies that you will need to purchase for your children. Be sure to keep this list on hand when you go shopping so that you do not forget anything. The last thing you want is to send your child off to school without some important item that he will need right away.

A good backpack is an important piece of equipment that students need to carry books, folders, and other school supplies. If your child’s old backpack is wearing out, or if he has outgrown it, spend some time shopping for a new one. Look for a pack with strong shoulder straps and plenty of support so that your child does not injure himself by carrying more weight than is safe.

These days, many schools are relying more and more upon digital supplies. Check with the school to see if students are required to bring a tablet or other mobile device for their classes. In some cases, you may be able to qualify for a subsidy to reduce the price, or you may even be able to receive a device for free that your child can use at school.

Shopping for supplies for a new school year can be frustrating if you do not plan ahead. Take some time to prepare so that you do not have to frantically run around at the last minute. Doing so will make the weeks before school starts a lot more pleasant.

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4 Must Have Office Tools for Small Business

August 27, 2014

Running a new business in the overly crowded market place, and without all the essential tools can be stressing at times. This is because you need to remain relevant in the field while at the same time competing with your competition (the big boys). A new business is always delicate during the first few days and even months of operation. It is for this reason why you need to employ every tactic to ensure everything runs as desired, and that customers are happy. Discussed below tools you should have in your business office.

Office_toolkit1. Google Analytics

This is a simple tool from Google that helps monitor how much traffic is coming to your business website. This tool can help you determine factors you can implement to make your business run smoothly and drive sales from the same. As a business owner, you can use statistics acquired from this tool to better your business.

2. Dropbox

This is a cloud file storage tool that helps keep all office files accessible from anywhere. Whether traveling or not, Dropbox will make all files accessible wherever you are. This makes it convenient to monitor all files and documents via the secure cloud server.

3. VOIP applications

VoIP applications help ease communication costs with other businesses or clients. Skype is a good example of this, an application that enables secure and reliable communication between customers and businesses. This is especially important if one operates an online based business.

4. CRM tools

Customer relationship management tools helps create a link between businesses and customers. Businesses have been able to serve their customers much better, and this has led to an increase in productivity and profitability in many.

If you are thinking of starting off a new business, the tools discussed above should help you start off well. You will also need tangible tools for the purpose such as a working computer/laptop, fast internet and a printer.

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Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org


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